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Tuesday 17 Nov 2015
Meet the parents session for P2. ( P2 pupils will not come to school. )

Thursday 19 Nov 2015
Awards Presentation Day. ( Prize winners and concert performers will report to school, while the rest need not come.

Friday 20 Nov 2015
Primary 1 (2016 Orientation Day. ( All pupils will not come to school; P1 (2016) parents and pupils to attend.

Thank you to all parents and visitors who came to our EDP Open House on 11 July! We hope that you and your child have enjoyed the various learning activities and gained a better understanding of our school and our programmes. Please continue to visit our school website for more information and updates. Till we meet again! 

*** For the video of presentation on "EDP Community contributes to Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund", please click here. ***

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Robot Land Exhibition

Table Tennis Junior Girls

Singapore International Choral Festival 2015

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